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Protectorshell accessories

Cable installation

A wide range of adaptors, attachments and accessories are available for use with PROTECTORSHELL Articulated Pipe. Here is a brief description of these accessories and their applications.


saddle clamp

Saddle Clamp

Where Protectorshell needs to be secured to the underlying surface, the Protectorshell saddle clamp is designed for this purpose. Supplied, in kit form with epoxy resin and stainless steel fasteners. The design takes into account the different metals used in anchoring to reduce the effects of galvanic corrosion.

dog bone

Dogbone Clamp / Male Tension Clamp

Serves as a secure starting point for Protectorshell Application. The Dogbone is manufactured to suit the exact cable diameter for each specific application. It also allows the application to proceed in two directions along a cable.

flange adaptor

Flange Adaptor - Male

Allows a seamless starting interface for Protectorshell to flanged pipes and concrete structures.

coupling shroud

Coupling Shroud

Allows the seamless connection of two converging streams of Protectorshell along the same cable. In the unlikely event of breakage, allows the simple repair of a single section of Protectorshell Articulated pipe.

modular coupling shroud

Modular Coupling Shroud

This modular coupling shroud accepts our line of Protectorshell PS040, PS055GIII and PS076 articulated pipe.

UJ UQJ joint protection kit

UJ UQJ Joint Protection Kit

This modular coupling system accepts our line of Protectorshell PS040, PS055GIII and PS076 articulated pipe.


Interconnect Adaptor

Allows the connection of different size or makes of articulated pipe to and from Protectorshell.

hauling eye

Hauling eye

A hauling eye is a means of securely attaching an armoured cable and hauling hardware. The advantage of a hauling eye is that it can be fabricated to suit duct diameters which are marginally larger than the armoured cable itself.