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Protectorshell is a clip together articulated pipe system developed to provide shallow water abrasion and impact protection for submarine cables.

PROTECTORSHELL is suitable for installation and recovery in water depths down to 100m. Protectorshell articulated pipe has been used on various submarine cable shore-ends, cable pipeline crossings and post installation cable protection.

The strength and simplicity of PROTECTORSHELL articulated pipe make it a viable solution to a wide range of cable and flow line protection problems, both on land and at sea.

Protectorshell articulated pipe is manufactured from ductile iron which retains the corrosion resistance of traditional cast iron but is far stronger.

It comes in a variety of sizes from 55mm ID up to 260 mm ID with the possibility to investigate manufacturing to larger/different sizes depending on requirement.

Our products are manufactured in Barcelona and Valladolid in Spain and in Adelaide, Australia.

A wide range of adaptor, attachment and accessories are available for use with PROTECTORSHELL articulated pipe.